The Bucolics


The Bucolics are a group of friends and musicians living in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia.

They are lovers of music. From jazz, to funk, to blues, pop and rock ‘n’ roll… their music evolves from extended improvisation sessions that are focused over time into songs that wear their influences proudly on their sleeves, yet sound wholly original.

The Bucolics are musicians who really thrive in the recording studio. They create songs over a period of a few months and each person adds their touch in the studio. The songs are organic in nature and sound, but with a keen pop sensibility. You can groove to them, or listen in headphones to some of their more subtle sonic ideas.

Lyrically they tip their hat to the Beat Generation and Dada artists, striving for more cryptic narrative values regarding the human condition and exploration of self. Often the sound and rhythm of the words becomes more important than the literal meaning and the vocals themselves become almost an instrument.

The Bucolics are one of those rare bands: great songs, interesting sounds and with something interesting to say.


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